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About Us

K.I.C BodyGlove are workout clothes your body will love. They’re not just styling and profiling, they’re breathable and comfortable to wear for your everyday use. Whether it’s going on a run, or a run to the store, a run to the gym, or a run to the yoga mat, K.I.C BodyGlove has got you covered. (Get it? We’ve got you covered!)

K.I.C BodyGlove was established on September 26, 2018 by Keionna S. Cunningham. Keionna’s everyday wear consists of yoga and workout clothes. She’s always trying new fabrics and trying to find different ways to improve her line.

The vision behind K.I.C BodyGlove is to give your body a hug and fit like a glove while you do your workouts no matter what they may be. All of the different outfits you see were handpicked by Keionna herself. She chooses the highest quality clothes while still offering the best comfort to support your everyday life. Each piece of gear is designed to hug every body type.